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Discover world leading thermal storage.

Thermino heat batteries are modern day, energy saving thermal stores made with a high performance phase change material to deliver fast-flowing hot water reliably, safely and efficiently. Up to four-times smaller than equivalent hot water cylinders, the sleek, super compact design means the Thermino looks great in any home and frees up valuable storage space. They are also easy to install, kinder to the environment and require no mandatory annual maintenance.

Why choose Thermino?

What do people want from their hot water system? Comfort and convenience that doesn't cost the earth, and is small enough to free up valuable home storage space.

Thermino heat batteries are the choice of property developers, landlords, and homeowners conscious about lowering their carbon emissions, reducing or eliminating gas use and controlling their energy bills. No mandatory annual maintenance means additional cost savings.

Sunamp is the only heat battery manufacturer in the world to be awarded A Grade RAL Certification, the independent quality mark and only global standard for Phase Change Material (PCM) and PCM products. The award confirms performance with no noticable degredation to 10,000 cycles, the equivalent of over 13 years of daily use at two cycles per day of hot water application. Sunamp's own testing has so far confirmed failsafe performance to over 40,000 cycles, comparable to over 50 years continuous use.

Sunamp Thermino heat batteries are non-toxic, non-flammable and Sunamp are able to reuse or recycle every component at end of life.